Osteen Spotlight Artist of the Month

Junior Elise Osteen is the Spotlight Artist for the months of December and January. Elise, who is taking Advanced Placement 2-D Design with an emphasis in photography, is the first Wilson Hall student to enroll in the class as a junior. She is a student of Ms. Mary Ann Reames. Each month a student is chosen for the honor and has his or her artwork displayed along with a brief profile of the student. Elise answered the following questions for her profile:

 What is your favorite medium? My favorite medium is photography because it can show everyday things in a new way.

 What are your favorite subjects? Because I like to write, English is my favorite subject.

 What is one thing you like to do when you are not creating your art? Play the ukulele, watch Netflix, or hangout with friends.

 What are your plans after graduating from Wilson Hall? I will go to college and eventually work for a design company.