• Contract, temporary technical labor, is utilized in all industries, and all size corporations, from multi-nationals to small privately owned companies. In 2003, temporary technical labor accounted for over $ 1 Billion in Sales.

  • Today, as never before, businesses are experiencing large swings in their workloads. During peak workload periods, businesses often require additional labor in order to complete one, or several projects. During these peak workload periods, it’s often impossible for businesses to commit to permanent employment when there might not be a sustainable workload in the future.

  • When we think of temporary help, we often think of hiring support personnel to fill in during vacations, holidays and permanent employees extended leave, however, highly skilled technical personnel seek out contract employment, and are available to help businesses through peak technical workload periods. Contract, temporary technical staff allow businesses to maintain a flexible workforce. They also maintain the latest technical skills available in their industries in order to sustain their marketability in the contract labor market.

  • When a business’ workload begins to increase beyond levels sustainable by their permanent staff, or when businesses expand production capacity, or their operating facilities, they’re faced with the challenge of finding, screening, interviewing, moving and negotiating with prospective employees. Frequently those workers are needed immediately and, typically the specialized technical personnel are in high demand in their industry.

  • McKeon-Grano Associates can quickly, efficiently and cost effectively supply you with the temporary technical personnel you require to complete your engineering, design or construction project.








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